Trend Micro Anti-Virus Server for Microsoft Exchange ~ A Secure Choice For Enterprise Wide Anti Virus Protection.

  • Written By: P. Hayes
  • Published: December 1 1999

Event Summary

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 15, 1999-- Trend Micro, Inc. (Nasdaq:TMIC - news), a leading provider of centrally managed Internet virus protection and content filtering products and services, today announced that its award-winning ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange anti virus software product has achieved Anti-Virus Checkmark Level 1. In rigorous tests just completed, ScanMail successfully detected all in-the-wild macro viruses, polymorphic viruses, boot sector viruses and other file-infecting viruses. In-the-wild viruses are those viruses that are causing infections in the real world as opposed to ``in-the-zoo'' viruses that have been identified, but are not circulating amongst computer users or posing a real threat.

Market Impact

The anti-virus market has recently heated up due the malicious viruses contained within electronic mail transmissions. Some of the more widely known viruses, such as the "Melissa" virus or the new Seinfeld based "BubbleBoy" virus can be sanitized and/or deleted, not only at the heuristic macro level, but also through using basic ASCII text content filtering. Therefore, an administrator can reject mail based purely on the subject line. Basic text filtering is essential in today's virus arena due to the time to develop and release an "antidote". Trend Micro's anti-virus product, ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange, has been certified as Anti-Virus Checkmark Level 1 by West Coast Labs (, which means it has the ability to sanitize and delete "in the wild" viruses. West Coast Labs have defined "in-the-wild" viruses as those viruses appearing on The Wildlist Organization's "In the Wild", a list that records all viruses that have been reported by more than one person.

Trend is currently one of the fastest growing anti-virus server vendors, and provides the fastest capability to process inbound and outbound e-mail. However, Trend also faces healthy competition from Norton, McAffee and GFI Communications. Given its newly achieved Checkmark Level 1 award, we expect Trend to increase its market share, especially in larger sized organizations (>1000 users) that need an enterprise wide anti virus backbone solution. McAffee and Norton, Trend's closest competitors in this space, do offer server based anti virus protection but are not as functionally network aware as Trend's offering.

User Recommendations

If you have Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, cc:Mail, MS Mail or HP Open Mail and do not have an anti virus server in place, Trend should be included on the short list for enterprise wide virus protection. Trend Micro (Nasdaq:TMIC) is the first anti-virus server to reach Checkpoint Level 1 certification (for Microsoft Exchange). Through its combination of enhanced anti-virus processing of both inbound and outbound mail, coupled with its content filtering, ScanMail for Exchange should be viewed as a leading anti-virus server product and should not be overlooked when implementing an anti-virus protection program.

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