Trigo Helps Suppliers Connect

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Trigo Helps Suppliers Connect
S. McVey - June 20, 2001

Event Summary

In a survey of two dozen suppliers, Trigo found that a majority of them are being asked by their customers to sell online and that a large proportion of them - over 70% - feel that complete management of online sales processes is the most important criterion in selecting a sell-side solution. These results bode well for Trigo, a provider of solutions to suppliers for sell-side channel management, content management, order management, and connectivity.

Market Impact

The current discipline of SCM began as optimization within an enterprise that gradually enveloped suppliers and customers as internetworking technologies advanced. Many SCM software vendors developed inter-enterprise functionality by refitting existing internally-focused algorithms for use in determining what parts to buy, when and from whom to buy them, in order to satisfy demand at the front end of the supply chain. While much attention was given to what the enterprise needed to buy, software vendors focused less on tools for managing the pool of finished goods ultimately bound for customers through one or more demand channels. Often, vendors left channel management to the ingenuity of implementation teams that wrestled with difficult workarounds and customizations.

Trigo, a newcomer to the e-business software marketplace based in Brisbane, California has developed solutions that provide the missing link in the demand chain. Successful channel management requires an effective combination of content/catalog management, syndication, order processing, and enterprise class workflow security and infrastructure.

Trigo's solutions are well targeted to support these activities in the online realm, but do not address offline channels or, more importantly, the interaction of offline and online channels save perhaps through its connectivity application. This does not give it a disadvantage when compared to other occupants of the supplier-centric solutions market, which include Ironside Technologies, OrderFusion, ClickCommerce, and Hubspan. It simply means that Trigo and its peers are continuing to grow their solutions and have not yet been presented with sufficient supplier demand for tools that automate a mix of channels - but this demand is coming.

Success of sell-side solution vendors like Trigo is attracting ERP and SCM partners and will result in integrated packages for addressing both traditional and web-based channels.

User Recommendations

Although most enterprises need help in synchronizing the flow of goods through both offline and online channels, this fact should not discourage users from looking at Trigo for the online part of the solution. As one of several so-called best-of-breed vendors, Trigo should be on a shortlist for users who want to obtain an early lead in online channel management technology and not wait for consolidation of pure-play packages into those of suite vendors.

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