Triple Creek Announces River to Support Talent Management Infrastructure

river-logo-w-tag.jpgThe enterprise knowledge sharing software vendor, Triple Creek, launches the social tool River. The tool offers competency-based learning networks across an organization.

According to the press release, River attempts to challenge the current "file sharing and friends-and-chatter paradigm," as the tool employs intelligent technology capable to build connections between learners and appropriate learning resources. In so doing it complements core talent management processes such as work-related collaboration, peer learning and coaching, learning program support, high potential development, on-the-job performance support, mentoring, and onboarding.

Main functionality includes:

  • A smart connection recommendation tool that allows users to reach expertise based on their own interests, competencies, level of experience, and other individual traits

  • Reports and dashboards that unveil high-contributing employees, employee engagement in the learning process, the knowledge-sharing activities at an organizational level, and organizational competency weaknesses, strengths, and gaps

  • Support for employee-, manager-, and administrator-generated connections and groups that sustain business and learning initiatives

Social learning can no longer be avoided by any organization interested in developing talent. River by Triple Creek appears to be using analytics to help with an important part of the learning process, which, in the past, would have relied almost exclusively on human intuition and initiative: recommendations.
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