Trunity: Introduction to an LMS/WCM Software Provider

Learning management systems (LMSs) and Web content management (WCM) systems for corporate or educational environments have a new but not untested contender. Trunity (a combination of the words truth, trust, and community) provides a platform used to collaborate on delivering a significant body of research used by educational institutions. It may be worth a further look and that’s what we at TEC, intend to do shortly.

At the technical core of projects like the Encyclopedia of Earth is Trunity. Trunity provides an LMS, virtual textbook platform, and content management application, all with social networking elements interwoven.

If you’re not familiar with the Encyclopedia of Earth, it’s part of the Digital Universe Project, which publishes sites dedicated to specific research topics. It’s a bit like Wikipedia, with an injection of what traditionally would be recognized as peer-review authority.

The Digital Universe project has a lot of content, developed by many different people, and put through the paces of academic peer review. That process is a good opportunity to take advantage of social media techniques. As content gets developed, published, and updated, it becomes a useful body of work for multiple purposes. In order to manage the content, updates, presentation, and relationships between authors and reviewers you need a software system, which is where Trunity comes in. The company has tried to make its software mimic the editorial process that large publishers would normally use.

Trunity, in its work with the Digital Universe Project, has developed a system that it sells for learning management and Web content management. From the LMS side, Trunity claims upward of 90 universities adopting Trunity Learn, which it positions for the higher education market, K-12, and corporate learning environments.

From the content management side, Trunity Connect is in the earlier stages of its business. The product offers WCM functionality but seems especially focused on customer management through common social media functionality. It’s targeting companies in retail, pharmaceutical, financial, and security industries. Trunity thinks these industries may get more benefit from the real-time market feedback of private social networking communities.

Trunity is competing with established LMS and private-label social networking operators so it has its work cut out for it. Trunity offers its solutions through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform on a monthly subscription model.

TEC will be publishing more information about Trunity’s solutions in the near future. Stay tuned for the product functionality data in our TEC Advisor evaluation and selection system.
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