TurtleSpice ERP! (Week 4)

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The story so far: Mike Chelonia, TurtleSpice’s comptroller, has been tasked to select an ERP system by his CFO. Facing pressure from his VP Wade Sharkey to short-circuit the selection process and select Big Gun Software, Mike gets a reprieve when Wade Sharkey is over-ruled by the CEO.

Now Mike has to decide how to handle TurtleSpice’s business process documentation. When we asked you what you’d do in Mike’s shoes, you voted to hire external consultants to train the TurtleSpice project team.

Don’t forget, you decide the fate of TurtleSpice’s ERP selection. Cast your vote at the bottom of this post!


The three consultants from iRightPros Consulting storm into Mike’s office like a SWAT team. Offensive perimeter established: check. Evasive maneuvers neutralized: check.

They’re here to deliver their complimentary pre-proposal.

“Congrats, Mike, you’re making the right decision.”

“Haven’t made one yet. Still looking at a number of consulting firms.”

This isn’t true, really. The price is right, and they have an impressive client list in the manufacturing sector.

The consultants drag Mike through their approach to process documentation, and lay down a proposal for an action plan, which adds up to an intimidating number of workshops, meetings, reviews, and dispute resolution mechanisms.

“The beauty is, you can use this for anything you want. Do it once, use it for your software selection project, your org change management, your training processes, you name it.”

This is going to be a hell of a lot of work, thinks Mike. At least three months. He wonders if he can enlist his CFO’s help to steer this by the TurtleSpice selection team.

Unfortunately, lately the CFO has been stumbling around like he’s on the verge of a booze-fueled nervous breakdown. Not much help there.

Mike thanks the SWAT team for their invasion and promises to get back to them. They congratulate him again and move out with a little more swagger than he likes to see.


Morale at TurtleSpice is on the up-tick. The sales team has just landed WalNut, a major retail chain they’ve been chasing for over a year. As far as production goes, sourcing the extra supply of ingredients doesn’t appear to be a problem.


The CEO of TurtleSpice prefers candid talk to political niceties.

But he still hasn’t gotten around to why he’s asked Mike to his office. Ostensibly, he’s reassuring Mike with respect to executive support for the lengthy business process modeling process.

“The managers aren’t going to like it. Screw ‘em. I’ll back you up if I have to, but I want to see you handle it on your own.”

So that, Mike muses, is the sound of a CFO on the way out.

The CEO leans forward, all buddy-buddy. “I need a vacation, Mike. Coupla weeks or so, starting tomorrow. Some place nobody’s ever heard of sauce out of a bottle. Wade’ll back you up while I’m gone.”

Mike opens his mouth, shuts it again. The CEO stares at him.

“Something on your mind?”

“Nope, nothing” says Mike, “can’t think of anything.”


Before phoning the iRightPros SWAT team to establish contract terms, Mike decides to try TEC's online software selection tool by way of research, otherwise known as procrastination.

He plugs in TurtleSpice’s profile and basic requirements; 14 ERP vendors pop up on his screen. [See Mike’s results] [Try it yourself]

Curious, Mike phones the number at the top of the screen. The consultant at the other end of the line has a simple message: “That’s a working list only, you understand. We can train you in a streamlined business process modeling option geared toward defining business requirements for software selection.”


At 11:43 AM on Monday August 4, one of TurtleSpice’s ingredient suppliers signals that it’s having trouble meeting the increased demand resulting from the WalNut order.

At 1:12 PM, another ingredient supplier notifies TurtleSpice that it’s experiencing delivery problems resulting from an as-yet unidentified issue at the Mexican border.

This delay in key ingredients is going to result in inventory spoilage, which in turn jeopardizes the lucrative WalNut contract.

This wouldn’t have happened, of course, if TurtleSpice had already implemented an ERP system to coordinate receiving and production schedules.

With a bit of luck, TurtleSpice can finagle an extension from WalNut, and the contract can still be salvaged… But without an ERP system, who’s to say the same problem won’t happen again next month?

These are the arguments Wade Sharkey forcefully puts forward to Mike at 4:48 PM that same day. The message: TurtleSpice needs immediate rescue. Otherwise known as Big Gun ERP.


So, what would you do if you were in Mike’s shoes?


Voting is now closed for this episode. Find out what happened next!


Down in HR, Lola Thomas’ phone rings. On the call display screen: BG Software.

She takes the call. Lola Thomas has been at TurtleSpice for a few months now, long enough to start breaking the rule against personal calls on the job. Besides, some calls are really more important than others.


Note: This scenario has been created for informational purposes only. Any resemblance to actual food and beverage companies and products is purely coincidental. Data and outcomes backed up by our expert analyst and project delivery teams, scenario created by our writing team.
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