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Welcome to Week 8 of TurtleSpice ERP! We’re following one company’s software selection process, from beginning to end—with a twist: It’s up to you to make sure comptroller Mike Chelonia stays on track and selects the right ERP system for the company. Cast your vote at the bottom of this post, and next week I’ll move the scenario forward based on the winning answer.


The story so far: Mike Chelonia, TurtleSpice’s comptroller, has been tasked to select an ERP system by his CFO. Facing pressure from his VP Wade Sharkey to short-circuit the selection process and select Big Gun Software, Mike gets a reprieve when Wade Sharkey is over-ruled by the CEO. When supply issues threatened to derail the entire ERP selection project, Mike pushed ahead anyway with his goal of documenting business requirements for software selection.

Last week, you voted to give all vendors—including BigGun—an extension for RFI responses. One reader wrote in to say this:
What Mike needs is time. By extending the deadline not only is he getting time, but also review the proposals of other vendors. He also does not antagonize Wade. Any company you will have elements opposing/for a project/idea. What does the trick is that while the process to arrive at a decision is being made, each participant in the process has to realize his/her own limitations and this can be brought about if someone keeps on pushing and raising the bar. A great deal of restraint and patience is required and Mike needs time so that his colleagues can overcome their limitations and see things as perceived by Mike.

Thanks for your comment, Anish!


When Wade leans, he leans hard.

“You what?”

Wade Sharkey has dropped by Mike’s office for a “little chat.”

As far as Mike knows, the usual protocol for little chats does not include the verbal equivalent of getting shoved up against the wall, but that’s what Wade does.

Wade slams Mike for granting the extension, rants about the risk of blowing the project timeline, and suggests that Mike’s going to have an extremely difficult time justifying the extra consultant fees.

Throughout all of this, Mike has one thought in mind: Wade’s bluffing. The question is: Why?

If this is just another tactic to keep Mike off balance, he figures he hasn’t yet seen the worst.


Dear readers: My original plan had been to let vendors bid outrageous sums in order to stay on TurtleSpice’s virtual shortlist, but that obviously hasn’t worked out.

That's why I’m asking you to decide. Which five vendors should stay alive, and which should be cut loose? Make your selection below! I’ll be taking the top 5 for next week’s episode of TurtleSpice ERP.

Don’t forget, this vendor list was derived from TEC’s eBestMatch tool, and corresponds to requirements as defined in TurtleSpice ERP, Week 1.

Based on your current understanding of TurtleSpice’s requirements and your knowledge of the software products, which vendors would you choose? (If you have no personal experience of these systems, feel free to explore eBestMatch [click here for an overview of how it works] for insight into product capabilities, or visit TEC’s Process ERP Showcase.)

Be sure to include the factors below in your considerations:

  • product functionality

  • product technology

  • market data

  • ease of use

  • process fit

Important note: At some point down the line, TurtleSpice may need to accommodate requirements imposed by companies similar to WalNut… EDI? A web-based interface for its production schedule? Functionality to handle consignment-based inventory practices? Of course, that’s a business decision/gamble that TurtleSpice may not be ready for at this stage…

Since TEC has no data on BigGun ERP, I’m telling you right now that BigGun will be on the shortlist.

Also, if you have comments about your particular experiences with ERP software, tell me all about it below! (and please keep it clean, if only for my sake.)

So, who do you choose? (choose one only)


Voting has finished for this episode. Find out what happened next!



Note: This scenario has been created for informational purposes only. Any resemblance to actual food and beverage companies and products is purely coincidental. Data and outcomes backed up by our expert analyst and project delivery teams, scenario created by our writing team. Particular thanks this week to Alex Dumitru, TEC’s information manager, and to TEC analyst Alex Hankewicz.
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