‘Twas the Night Before Software Selection

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‘Twas the night before selection, and all through the place,
Enterprise software was a decision we faced.
Our requirements are gathered, BPM is all done,
Now all that’s left is a choice; only one!

We know what we want, and we know what we need,
But the stakeholders are skeptics; our advice they won't heed.
We’ve thought about everything and all that we do—
Our everyday tasks—not one, but a slew!

What we know is this: it’ll cost us a lot.
Willing to fail is something we’re not.
Did we analyze this? Did they demonstrate those?
And will the new system fix legacy woes?

Evaluations are done; there are two that we want.
If we don’t make a decision, it forever will haunt.
Did we use the right thinking? Did we use the right tools?
Did we get the best help or are we acting like fools?

TEC sure came in handy, and they gave good advice:
How to make the right choice and at the right price.
It’s an informed decision, and not one we’ll regret
For not thinking through the software we’ll get.

SAP or Oracle—now which will it be?
The fact of the matter: I need the best one for me.
So I take a big breath and I sign on the line.
The selection is done. And guess what? I am fine!

Software selection doesn’t have to be a chore.
TEC’s methodology helped me be sure.
Now I can rest. I can turn out the light.
Thanks to all ye involved, and to all a good night.
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