UNIT4 Agresso ERP Strengthens Position in Northern Europe with City of Gothenburg Win

Following its strategy of delivery of change-friendly software, UNIT4 is winning new deals on a regular basis. This time it’s the entirety of Sweden’s second largest city.

The company recently announced that the City of Gothenburg, located on the west coast of Sweden, has selected UNIT4 Agresso AB as its ERP provider. The Agresso AB cloud-based ERP system will cover all of Gothenburg, including the municipalities within the city. The agreement with UNIT4 also includes a subcontracting commitment whereby Tieto will provide the operational aspects of the cloud service.

The ERP system replacement, scheduled to be implemented in 2014, is an important part of Gothenburg´s new “NEKK” efficiency drive that it has been working towards over the last couple of years. “The cloud-based Agresso ERP system felt complete and mature, and UNIT4 is able to deliver a full flexible service which is very consistent with our terms and requirements,” said Eva Hessman, director of finance for the City of Gothenburg.

UNIT4’s Agresso ERP has always had a strong position in Northern Europe. With its products based on the flexible Vita architecture, UNIT4 often wins over traditional competitors in the local government space. But what is most impressive about the Gothenburg contract is its 10-year length, a stunning number in today’s economic climate, with dramatic changes in governmental IT strategies and procurement patterns, unpredictable budgets, and spending cuts being enforced by the majority of local governments.
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