UNIT4 Coda Financials Is Now TEC Certified

TEC is pleased to announce that Coda Financials software by UNIT4 has been TEC certified and is now available for online evaluation in the TEC Accounting and Financial Packages Evaluation Center. As usual, the vendor performed an in-depth demonstration of software capabilities following a demo script suggested by TEC research analysts. So we had a good opportunity to see the system in real time, assessing its performance with requested tasks and its workflow capabilities, in addition to trying out the system’s navigation, and selected features and functions.

Netherlands-based UNIT4 is well-known as a global ERP and other business software vendor; in fact it is in the top ten mid-market ERP vendors worldwide. Its customer base is also impressive—the group has more than 6,000 clients with over 2 million users, and there have been more than 10,000 global deployments of UNIT4’s software applications.

The company has been pioneering and successfully leveraging its solution within a unique market niche of software that offers the capability of accommodating any business-related changes easier, faster, and, consequently, at a much lower cost compared to other solutions offered by competitors in the space. As such it targets a segment of the market that’s referred to as “Businesses Living IN Change” (BLINC). The change-friendly design runs through all of UNIT4’s applications.

Similarly to UNIT4’s other flagship product, Agresso ERP, which offers flexibility and adaptability through VITA architecture, Coda Financials’ LINK architecture combines three core capabilities in to one design: a single Financial Model, a framework for control, and, last but not least, superior connectivity and integration with other business packages. In fact, more and more businesses and other organizations realize that permanent internal changes are inevitable due to business environment changes or many other reasons; therefore UNIT4’s “change-friendly” market offering may fit to basically any entity these days.

Coda Financials is a powerful accounting and financial management application that supports all the major functions that any organization requires; however, some specifics offer additional capabilities to users. First of all, Coda Financials is a single ledger package, which means all the typical modules of GL, AP, AR, etc. are part of the same data structure and the data is always live. This makes many typical functions, such as reconciliations and data integration between modules, obsolete. Single ledger application, certainly, facilitates better change leveraging as well.

Also of interest to many clients is the system’s multidimensional capability to classify, manage, and report the accounting data. Standard configuration of the software provides nine dimensions that each company may use according to its own needs in practically unlimited number of combinations.

Coda Financials offers its users much flexibility with regards to the web-based user interface and multiple navigation features available, including the ability to split the screen into an unlimited number of screen segments with functions running simultaneously in each of them.

Another important characteristic of Coda Financials is its “multi everything” capability. Based on the user's login information and his or her preferences, the system automatically detects the language of the user, then translates and shows the interface in the user's preferred language, no matter where the user is. If help is required, it is displayed in the same language as well. The software supports 16 languages by default, including many European languages and Simplified Chinese. Even more languages are available, according to customers’ requests.

It will be interesting to see how UNIT4 Coda Financial software compares to its industry competitors. More on the product background, highlights, features and functions, and competitive strengths and weaknesses as measured against the average solution in the Financials software space will be available soon in the upcoming Coda Financials TEC Certification Report, which will be available in the TEC 2012 Certification report archive. Stay tuned!
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