UNIT4 Continues Its Success in the Canadian Public Sector

I recently came across an announcement of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) municipal contract won by UNIT4 in another Canadian city. This time is was a city of Medicine Hat in Alberta.

Digging deeper, I was able to find some more information on what’s going on in the municipality with regard to ERP, thanks to the public nature of municipality management in Canada. So, the municipality installed Oracle’s JD Edwards One World ERP package back in 1999 and upgraded it in 2002. As the city stated in 2012, “for 12 years the system has provided strong support for daily processing and management decisions, but the system cannot be upgraded to meet the existing standards of database processing and operating system functionality”. So, mainly due to “incompatibilities in data software” the city started a new ERP selection project a year ago or so.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find more details on the selection project itself beyond UNIT4’s official press release. However, I’d like to shed some light on some of the main reasons why I think Agresso ERP was the preferred package.
  • UNIT4’s Agresso ERP software has proven success in the Canadian marketplace, with 13 other municipal government customers in Western Canada.
  • Agresso has the capability to respond to business change quickly and inexpensively.
  • Agresso provides access to the right information in a timely manner, leading to informed and sound decision making across the organization.
  • The system is agile enough to continue delivering as the city’s requirements evolve.
These are well known major advantages and convincing selling points of UNIT4’s flagship software—Agresso ERP. Obviously, in this case, and UNIT4 Agresso’s capabilities matched the requirements of the city of Medicine Hat. The project seems to take about a year to prepare go-live, as it’s scheduled for 2015.

Unfortunately, no information has been provided by the vendor about the delivery option chosen—I would assume it is on premise, otherwise UNIT4 would have definitely mentioned this fact.
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