UNIT4 Launches Cloud ERP for New-generation Users

UNIT4, a provider of enterprise software that accommodates business change, has launched the next-generation version of its Agresso enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite for people-centric businesses, called Milestone 4. Already cloud-based and backed up with in-memory analytics, the Agresso ERP suite now also combines new social and mobile technologies with user-led design input for a new-generation workforce (see Figure 1). These four—social, mobile, analytics, and cloud—touchstones are a significant departure from traditionally rigid ERP systems.

Agresso Milestone 4 is available via public or private cloud deployment, so users can choose where and how data is situated and delivered.

Figure 1

Agresso Milestone 4 is aimed at global people-centric service businesses, which typically have large mobile workforces that operate in fast-changing environments. Its new capabilities aim at helping users complete tasks more swiftly and address issues as they arise.
Agresso’s underlying VITA architecture combines the data model, the process model, and the delivery model in a smart manner. Building a social engine on top of this foundation has an advantage, as it automatically connects people to all the other people they are related to, all the other things (events, objects, etc.) they are related to, and all the rules that apply to them (see Figure 2). For Businesses Living IN Change (BLINC) this facilitates adapting to new colleagues and organizational structures, new processes, new ways of doing things, and new rules and regulations. Agresso’s VITA architecture can smooth over these disruptions, while the social collaboration engine and mobility make it immediately actionable.

Figure 2

As part of Milestone 4, UNIT4 is also delivering a new ERP release concept that puts an end to the common “all or nothing” upgrade approach of many vendors. Instead of the big-bang upgrades that create overwhelming cost and disruption to users of traditional ERP systems, UNIT4 now releases “Experience Packs” that allow customers the freedom to choose what to focus on in terms of timing and priority of an upgrade.

The packages can be further enhanced with UNIT4 Mobile Apps
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