UNIT4 Partners with Amazon to Expand Cloud Capabilities

UNIT4, a cloud-focused business software  and services company, has announced a partnership with Amazon, one of the top global providers of cloud services. Under this agreement UNIT4 will develop the necessary consultancy services and technical support to deploy its UNIT4’s business software with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

By connecting with AWS, UNIT4 will be able expand its cloud platform to an extensive number of users and provide its services in compliance with US regulations using one of the most important cloud platform providers in North America. Amazon, on the other hand, will be expanding its business software portfolio with an important provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other enterprise solutions.

Jack van der Velde, director of IT Solutions at UNIT4, stated:
Amazon is the ideal partner for us—AWS is leading the way having launched at least 90 significant product innovations in 2012 while also constantly lowering prices, thereby remaining very competitive and offering the security standards expected by companies moving their critical finance and business data to the cloud.

This might be a very smart decision from UNIT4, allowing it to further penetrate the North American market. UNIT4 solutions could be an attractive option for those organizations who need powerful business software solutions and want attractive and flexible costs.

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