US Sporting Goods Retailer Plans Switch to Oracle Retail

Today Oracle unveiled some of the details of its new contract with Finish Line, Inc.—one of the leading US-based retailers of sports footware, apparel, and accessories. This retail chain will acquire a whole range of Oracle Retail software solutions, including Oracle Retail Merchandising, Planning, and Stores.

The company is currently using legacy applications that have some obvious limitations nowadays. Scott Hoffman, chief merchandising officer of Finish Line, said, "Oracle Retail solutions provides Finish Line with a broad functional fit, giving us a single, integrated platform." It follows from his statement that the company probably had multiple issues specifically related to integration and lacked a unified single platform for all 640 bricks-and-mortar stores, the online store, and distribution centers.

Also, since Finish Line is primarily oriented to "young, fashion-conscious individuals," its development and growth strategy—aside from regular retail operations—is apparently in line with the newest trends in retail, such as on-line retail, mobility, social networking and engagement, etc. Although all this is technically possible with older software applications, implementation of one of the most advanced software packages in the segment will allow the company to perform these projects more easily, and build a smarter foundation for a longer perspective.
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