USi to Offer Managed Messaging for U.S. Feds

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USi to Offer Managed Messaging for U.S. Feds
P. Hayes - May 3, 2000

Event Summary

In April, USinternetworking Inc. (USi) (Nasdaq:USIX - news), the leading Application Service Provider (ASP), announced it will be demonstrating Microsoft Exchange 2000 at the annual FOSE show in Washington, D.C., to showcase its Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration solution. USi is the first ASP to be included on the GSA schedule to offer an enterprise-scale managed solution for Federal agencies with mission-critical messaging and collaboration needs.

Market Impact

USinternetworking, Inc. will be the first Application Service Provider to enter the Government market with enterprise wide messaging solutions. USi will be using Microsoft Exchange 2000 (Still RC-1) to demonstrate its abilities at the annual FOSE show in Washington, DC. USi plans to not only host messaging, but also to offer technical expertise and training to government agencies as part of its enterprise Exchange outsourcing package.

User Recommendations

USi competes with United Messaging, Allegro (A Company), MCI WorldCom, Digex, Interliant and numerous smaller messaging ASPs. USi is the first ASP to enter the US Federal Government space, greatly expanding the potential installed base for USi. The government will benefit greatly from an outsourcing initiative, relieving administrative headaches and human resources issues related to "the IT revolving door".

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