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USinternetworking, Inc. (USi, Nasdaq: USIX), announced the next release of its Enterprise E-Commerce Services Suite. The new version of USi's E-Commerce ASP services leverage partnerships with Ariba (Nasdaq: ARBA) and Broadbase to add "buy-side" applications services and integrated e-analysis. The new enhancements also add other service extensions to their "sell-side" services based on BroadVision and Microsoft Site Server.

The USi Enterprise E-Commerce Services Suite - part of USi's iMAP portfolio - is designed to help enterprise clients succeed with their Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Internet commerce initiatives. USi's iMAP services are centered on packaged applications that deliver the necessary hardware, software, networking, security, data center facilities, implementation services, maintenance, and 24x7 support for a single monthly fee.

All services and enhancements are planned for general availability in the first half of this year. Following is a description of USi's Enterprise E-Commerce Suite:

USi Enterprise E-Commerce Suite - Core Services

USi E-Selling powered by BroadVision

Bundled ASP services based on e-business applications from BroadVision. USi's BroadVision services deliver personalized and scalable B2B and B2C solutions for selling and managing one-to-one relationships over the Internet. The base service is deployed in 90 days. Complementary services include new BroadVision strategy and solution planning workshops, application migration services and site "re-hosting."

USi E-Selling powered by Microsoft

Bundled application service based on Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition 3.0 that offers B2B and B2C sell side solutions. The base solution is deployed in 60 days. Complementary services offered include new Microsoft Site Server strategy and solution planning workshops, application migration services and site "re-hosting."

USi E-Procurement powered by Ariba

New bundled application service based on the Ariba ORMXTM B2B procurement solution and Ariba Network commerce services that provides rapid ROI for Enterprise E-Procurement. Complementary services offered include E-Procurement Workshops for ROI Analysis, Supplier Readiness Planning, Business Process Definition, Business Process Benchmarking, Ariba ORMX Application Migration and solution "re-hosting."

USi Enterprise E-Commerce Suite - Features & Extensions

USi E-Intelligence Services powered by Broadbase

Each of the USi E-Commerce Services is pre-integrated with analysis and reporting capabilities that allow clients to understand and evaluate the effectiveness of their e-commerce solution. USi has partnered with Broadbase, to offer advanced analysis and reporting services. This will allow clients to view online activity, integrate with offline data sources, steer on-going investment decisions and respond to customer needs.

USi E-Integration Services

Support for integration with ERP, CRM and legacy systems, trading partners, logistics and fulfillment providers, and other third parties is provided through a combination of USi E-Integration Services.

USi E-Transaction Services

USi provides real-time tax calculation, integrated payment and transaction processing for credit cards, procurement cards, and purchase orders.

USi E-Administration Services

USi's E-Commerce clients work with Usinternetworking's E-Commerce CLIENT Care team to keep solutions up to date with the latest content, business rules, business data, and user information. USi maintains control of core systems infrastructure, while clients have the option of performing various content and business management tasks through a controlled and secure remote access and management environment.

USi Guarantee

USi provides service level guarantees that encompass the end-to-end solution functionality, performance and availability. To deliver this, USi monitors each client's solution from a systems and end-user perspective using USiViewSM. In addition, clients receive performance measurement reporting and consultation regarding capacity planning, functionality enhancements, architecture enhancements, and solution effectiveness.

USi Global Services PlatformSM

USi Enterprise E-Commerce services are integrated with the USi Global Services Platform, which provides data center facilities, public Internet and private IP networking, security, mirroring, disaster recovery and systems management infrastructure. Through USiGSP, USi Enterprise E-Commerce clients receive up to 99.9% application availability, capacity on demand, security, and optimum performance.

USi RAPID iMAPSM Methodology

USi's RAPID iMAP methodology uses a repeatable implementation strategy to get businesses up and running on applications. USi has over 300 certified professionals delivering USi's E-Commerce services. By providing E-Commerce services - from solution planning, to implementation, hosting, and 24x7x365 application management and support - USi has a deep knowledge and understanding of what it takes to successfully deploy enterprise e-commerce solutions.

Market Impact

USinternetworking's efforts mirror those of Oracle, JD Edwards, SAP and others. The goal has been to create full service business-to-business solutions through organic development, strategic partnerships or both. With analysts predicting the business-to-business arena to be in the trillions and the application service provider market to be in the 20 billion range by 2003, it is not difficult to see the attraction. USinternetworking's offerings represent a strong effort to deliver a complete suite of e-commerce offerings with the added option of a remotely hosted solution.

Launched in October 1998, USi's Enterprise E-Commerce Services based on BroadVision's One-To-One and Microsoft Site Server have seen a growth of 35 client deployments. These clients include corporations in retail, manufacturing, and high tech such as Hershey Direct, HPshopping, Cornerstone Brands, and BroadVision.

USinternetworking's Application Services Suite announcement is exciting. Companies considering e-commerce solutions now have more choices. Not only are single solution e-commerce offerings available, ERP, CRM, and asset management companies are also coming to market with comprehensive solutions. In parallel ASP's are emerging that support a full compliment of "ec" solutions. Thus organizations have new application and hosting choices.

User Recommendations

Obviously, companies considering e-commerce solutions should evaluate their needs versus the wide spectrum of applications. Remotely hosted applications might also offer cost effective access to web based software solutions. Whether you're looking for an ERP solution or a procurement solution, we suggest speaking with the vendors AND related ASP's specializing in application hosting and support. There seems to be a race developing and the finish line has ASP written on it. Early adopters may benefit from strong negotiating and feature comparisons.


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