USinternetworking and AT&T are Working the System

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USinternetworking and AT&T are Working the System
A. Turner - May 11, 2000

Event Summary

On April 20, 2000, USinternetworking, Inc. (USi, Nasdaq: USIX), a leading Application Service Provider (ASP) and AT&T (NYSE: T) announced the launch of their joint marketing and technology agreement in the D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia area.

The companies are jointly marketing and delivering ASP services to mid-market, high-growth and large companies. As a core component of USi's Global Services Platform (USi GSP) AT&T's domestic and international frame, ATM and IP services are used to connect and deliver functionality to USi clients. AT&T is also the preferred network provider to USi clients for these services. USi will leverage AT&T's services to expand USiSAN (Storage Area Network), providing wide area networked storage that maximizes uptime for online companies.

Market Impact

"As a Platinum member in AT&T's Ecosystem for ASPs, and a market leader and innovator, USi gives us strategic access to the ASP market," said Ken Sichau, President of AT&T Business Services Sales. "As the network becomes the environment for business, AT&T's Ecosystem and USi's GSP and SAN solutions combine to provide quick and easy high-performing and reliable network-based applications."

"On a day-to-day basis, our agreement with AT&T represents further benefits to our unique ASP-specific infrastructure as well as business commitments to enhance our end-to-end solutions and offerings as well as continue to grow our client base," said Chris McCleary, Chairman and CEO of USinternetworking.

As reported previously, AT&T and USinternetworking are functioning in a nascent market. The strategic relationship is a natural extension of both companies' interests in supporting the application service provider model. We expect continued geographic expansion of the USi and AT&T solution set, as well as joint marketing initiatives as each company taps new market segments (i.e., related vertical markets).

User Recommendations

Companies located in the Northern Virginia area who are considering an outsourced application model should take a look at the USi/AT&T solution. An important factor when evaluating any potential Application Service Provider is their technical infrastructure and connectivity to the Internet. AT&T's "Ecosystem" boasts significant technical architecture and bandwidth. This coupled with USi's broad application offerings make it an attractive solution.

Companies outside the geography might evaluate the AT&T/USi architecture and use it to compare similar offerings. For more information please see our news analysis articles: USinternetworking: One Suite ASP, published in March and AT&T's EcoSystem published in February.

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