Ultimate Software to Integrate with LinkedIn

Just like consumer companies allow users to connect via Facebook accounts directly to their Web site, online communities, or online stores, many employers have thought of ways to seamlessly transfer candidate information that comes via LinkedIn directly into their recruitment and staffing system or candidate portal.

This type of integration does not appear to have been perfected yet. A case in point, some career Web sites do not map the LinkedIn information onto candidate portals correctly, and consequently end users have to retype profile details sent to career Web sites from LinkedIn. Solving this issue will both save time and improve candidate experience.

Most recruiting solutions are designed for recruiters first, but the new UltiPro solution "is designed with the candidate in mind." Ultimate Software announced the integration between UltiPro Recruiting and LinkedIn, with the overall ambition of bringing the industry one step closer to résumé-free recruiting. This is exactly where LinkedIn's main recruiting strength resides and, at this point, very few companies and candidates benefit from it. For instance, although a candidate has his/her résumé on LinkedIn, recruiters may still ask for Word or PDF format résumés.

Social recruiting is a hot topic that inspires companies to require tighter integration between their human capital management (HCM) solution and LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a network of professionals and therefore starting here is the obvious development in the recruitment software market. In the future, HCM software vendors may want to consider integrating with other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, as those platforms have many more users (but currently offer very little infrastructure for recruitment and staffing processes).

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