Unimin Selects IFS Applications

Unimin Corporation, North America’s largest supplier of frac sand, has selected IFS Applications 8 to assist in optimizing its supply chain and global operations. Unimin, a wholly owned subsidiary of global industrial minerals company SCR-Sibelco of Belgium, is a leading producer of non-metallic industrial minerals with 46 mining and mineral processing sites, 11 offices, and more than 2,400 employees across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
To improve operational efficiencies, the company wanted greater real-time visibility into its supply chain and needed to replace more than 10 outdated enterprise systems that consisted of various homegrown and off-the-shelf solutions.
Tim Goris, Unimin’s director of project management, said, “We ultimately chose IFS over the competition because of their experience and reputation in the mining industry, and the fact that IFS got its start on the asset side opposed to the finance side. This is important to us as we are an asset oriented company.”The final decision was over a fierce competitor with origins also in the realm of enterprise asset management (EAM). IFS Applications will help Unimin to immediately address its supply chain management (SCM) needs and then roll out the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system over time.
Unimin will implement IFS Applications to some 600 users in a multiphase process over the next three years, beginning with its energy business. The suite will eventually cover all key areas, including SCM, manufacturing, engineering, human resources (HR), maintenance, financials and accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), business analytics, and web services, as well as a collaborative portal.
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