United Messaging Extends Global Reach ~ Opens Offices in London and Amsterdam

  • Written By: P. Hayes
  • Published: June 22 2000

United Messaging Extends Global Reach ~ Opens Offices in London and Amsterdam
P. Hayes - June 22, 2000

Event Summary

WEST CHESTER, PA - United Messaging Inc., the leading Messaging Application Service Provider (ASP), today launched the expansion of its consulting and hosted mailbox services into the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) market with the opening of its London and Amsterdam facilities. With this expanded global presence, United Messaging is now solidly positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for global messaging-focused consulting and outsourced messaging services. (Source: United Messaging)

Market Impact

United Messaging has experienced significant success within the United States with its Microsoft Exchange and POP3 services and is now looking towards European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets (EMEA). Having opened offices in both London and Amsterdam, United Messaging is well on its way to securing a strong foothold in the messaging Application Service Provider (ASP) industry.

United Messaging has strengthened its 24x7 support to include support for 11 languages to satisfy the needs of multinational corporations. United Messaging has also appointed President and Chief Operating Officer, Robert F. Jones as president of United Messaging Limited to manage the EMEA operations. In addition to Mr. Jones' appointment to President of EMEA operations, United Messaging has hired Stephen Wilson, formerly a Lotus consulting unit director, to head up EMEA consulting services; another Lotus executive, John Bird, formerly a services director has been appointed Vice President of Sales. Simply put, United Messaging has put together a top notch messaging management team.

User Recommendations

From a user perspective this is good news. United Messaging will be able to provide messaging services to your organization regardless of location. Beyond the benefits of increased data center locations, United Messaging has good technical talent; physical resources and the necessary venture capital funding required to continue operations well into the foreseeable future. In our opinion, United Messaging is taking all the appropriate steps to ensure an upper rung on the ASP ladder and we further believe that their backend technology rivals that of any competitor.

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