United Messaging to Provide Enhanced ASP Messaging Services

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Event Summary

ORLANDO, FL, January 17, 2000 - United Messaging, Inc., the leading Massaging Application Service Provider (ASP), today announced a complete solution for the management of SMTP messaging services. United Messaging's Message Control Service provides a comprehensive set of SMTP boundary services including fault tolerant operations, primary and secondary MX routing, virus detection and blocking, SPAM prevention, content filtering, disclaimer notice services and messaging policy management and enforcement. (Source: United Messaging).

Market Impact

United Messaging is one of the forerunners in dedicated Messaging ASPs. Through a combination of enhancement offerings such as anti-spam, anti-virus and enhanced fault tolerance, look to see United Messaging to maintain its foothold at the head of the messaging ASP pack. One of its primary competitors, Interliant, based out of Chicago, is another ASP with a positive market share in the messaging space, but does not focus directly on messaging.

In addition to enhanced product offerings, United Messaging also offers 24x7 helpdesk and monitoring, and provides software, hardware and training where necessary.

User Recommendations

One of the most highly visible, mission critical outsourcing applications is electronic messaging, which makes up the backbone of many corporate organizations. When evaluating your ASP, verify that it offers built in protection from viruses, spamming and denial of service attacks. Verify that support is 24x7 and that monitoring is enabled to prevent unnecessary downtime. Also ask your ASP what fault tolerant measures it has in place to make sure you get the most "uptime" as possible. Virtually all ASPs offer guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLA), generally ranging from 98% uptime to 99.999% uptime. Of course, the additional percentage points above 98% cost considerably more due to the requirement for enhanced hardware implementations. If you are ready to pick a dedicated messaging ASP, we recommend that United Messaging be on your short list.

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