UpSync Adds HTML5 App Store to Its Sales Enablement Platform

upsynch.jpgUpSync introduces the option for its users to upload and manage HTML5 interactive apps to its iPhone and iPad sales enablement platform, Intelligently Integrated Selling Platform. The platform—which already permits the uploading of images, videos, slideshows, PDF files, and Microsoft Office files—lets sales representatives switch from one medium to another during presentations. For example, transitioning from slideshows to quote builders and value analysis apps, on the spot, becomes possible from within the UpSync platform.

According to the press release UpSync is taking advantage of the HTML5 capabilities to operate across various environments and devices to present the idea of building an app store that can be accessed from within an app. UpSync’s director of product development, Mr. Matt Vander Vliet states: "With this new capability, UpSync essentially becomes the enterprise’s own app store, allowing organizations to distribute these apps and all other content easily."

The intense competition taking place in the business software market summons vendors to become increasingly experimental. It remains to be seen which ones of these numerous attempts will succeed in the long run.
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