Upland Software Announces Version 5.5 of EPM Live 5.5

  • Written By: Ted Rohm
  • Published: December 3 2013

EPM Live version 5.5 has been announced by Upland Software. EPM Live is a cloud-based project and portfolio management (PPM) and collaboration solution built on Microsoft Sharepoint. The enhancements are focused on the user experience in EPM Live and make an already intuitive and collaborative solution even better.
The key features announced in version 5.5 include a new user interface, favorites, frequent and recent items, user definable custom forms, business intelligence improvements, collaboration workspaces, and updated resource analyzer features, along with significant performance upgrades and the ability to integrate with other Upland applications via the Quick Connect platform. Joe Larscheid, Upland Software’s EVP of Product Strategy and General Manager for the EPM Live product line, states, “The focus of this release was delivering world-class usability. We have transformed the PPM interface to be more efficient while adding cutting-edge features that allow users to be more productive.”
The new user interface is designed to streamline productivity by improving the way users navigate and interact with EPM Live. Users can access the data they need through a more instinctive flow and with fewer clicks. The latest version also includes a favorites feature and tracks frequent apps and recent items for the user. The custom forms allows users to extend the interface (define tabs, required fields, rules, and custom HTML and/or JavaScript).
The release also provides advancements in business intelligence allowing the easy creation of reports and dashboards without the need for development. And, the collaborative nature of EPM live is extended with workspaces—user-created collaborative spaces that can be built from pre-built workspaces or set up from scratch. Finally, EMP Live 5.5 promises significant performance improvements and can be easily integrated with other Upland solutions, such as PowerSteering and Tenrox, via the Quick Connect platform.
With most vendors, the number of improvements and enhancements in this release would have been significant enough to warrant a full release. So, it will be interesting to see what Upland has on the drawing board for EMP Live Version 6.
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