Vana Workforce Launches Vana HCM Release Update 9

vana-workforce.jpgToday, Vana Workforce introduced Vana HCM Release Update 9, developed on the platform. Available stand-alone or through integration with, Version 9 includes new human resources and talent management features delivered in the cloud and accessible via mobile devices.

Key features include new Candidate Search, Offer Builder, and Onboarding modules, which can be used by organizations to manage the recruitment lifecycle—from sourcing and recruiting, through hiring, to onboarding new workers into the organization. In addition, Vana HCM 9 offers improved versions of its goals and performance management tools. Goal plans can now be linked to performance plans to adjust the employee trajectory and development within an organization.

The target audience of Vana Workforce’s offering is small and medium-sized companies. As David Vanheukelom, CEO of Vana Workforce, states, "Small and Medium Enterprises can now finally deploy one integrated and organically developed HR and Talent Management Software solution to manage the entire workforce from hire to retire."
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