Vendor Rating Updates: BPM, ERP, PLM

Here's an update on new TEC vendor ratings and certifications. If you're currently evaluating or researching ERP, business process management (BPM), or product lifecycle management (PLM) systems, here's what we have new for you. Reports are available as well as in-depth rating evaluations in the evaluation centers. Here are the new items.

TEC published up-to-date information for version 4 of Omnify's Empower PLM. Some areas in which the product's functionality focuses help to integrate product design changes with the production process, product data vaulting and management, and configuration management.

Polymita's BPM Suite joined our business process management knowledge base. The product focuses in part on modeling, workflow, and security functionality.

If you're researching ERP solutions for discrete, process, or mixed-mode industries, I'd like to announce that TEC analysts recently certified the Logo Business Solutions' Unity system.

Finally, to continue on the different variants of ERP systems, a new name recently entered the enterprise software space, Solarsoft. Its products however, have a history represented in the merger of vendors CMS and XKO Software. We're offering six different reports on these products.
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