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Vendor Rating Updates: Learning, Distribution ERP, Financials, CRM

Written By: josh chalifour
Published On: May 8 2009

A friendly colleague reminded me today that it's been a while since I've posted news about our ongoing product rating updates. So here goes, continue reading if you're evaluating software for any of the following types of systems.

  • CRM

  • ERP (manufacturing for discrete or process industries, ETO, distribution, and services industries)

  • Financial systems

  • PLM

We published updated ratings on a number of vendors' products. You can check out the ratings using a free evaluation centers trial or buy complete rating reports.

  • Jeeves Universal ERP (v1.0) solutions for small and medium businesses.

  • SugarCRM at 4.5.1, an open source CRM solution

  • Deacom Accounting and ERP Software at 10.4, covers several manufacturing types, particularly in process industries

  • Datastay's comprehensive PLM product at version 5

  • Aras's Innovator PLM product in our core PLM for discrete industries knowledge base

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