Vendor Rating and Certification Updates: BI and ERP

It's mid-November and time to tell you about some of the new product ratings and certifications that we're covering in our research. TEC analysts recently completed certifying products from BatchMaster and Targit.

Each vendor successfully demonstrated how its product addressed a script of functionality as identified by TEC analysts. (Look for products proudly wearing the TEC certification badge in our evaluation centers and vendor showcase.)

In addition to those TEC certified products, we also published new data about the following products.

  • Newly revised data on the OpenAir professional services automation suite.

  • Webcom joined our Business Process Management (BPM) Evaluation Center with the submission of its ResponsAbility product.

  • Software development and QA company, Technosoft, joined our outsourcing evaluation center.

  • TEC published newly revised data about Microsoft Dynamics SL. The product's ratings in our evaluation centers (accounting, ERP for service industries, project portfolio management, etc.) correspond to its recent version 7.

(correction: I'd stated that SageCRM was recently certified, in fact this process is not complete yet, I'll make another announcement once it is.)
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