Vendor Snapshot: Infor at the TEC Vendor Challenge

More than 6,000 distributors globally use Infor’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Infor began acquiring best-in-class solutions to address the distribution industry in 2004. Infor Distribution SX.e, which grew out of the 2004 acquisition of NxTrend, is the lead go-to-market solution covering Infor’s major micro-verticals in the industrial and professional sectors, for companies with revenues of from $20 million to over $1 billion (USD). The solution serves primarily North America and the UK/Ireland, and has recently found a market in Mexico.

Infor has continued to invest in the distribution industry, developing solutions that specifically address distributors’ challenges (e.g., storeroom for distributor managed inventory and product configuration management).  Infor’s distribution ERP solutions have consistently been among the first Infor solutions to adopt the latest technological innovations, such as Infor ION middleware, Infor Motion Road Warrior, and Inforce CRM (see TEC’s report for details).

SX.e is already ION enabled, and its 10x version, showcasing the new user experience, should be released at the end of 2013. Not only will this new user interface transform how distributors approach their daily tasks (with a powerful enterprise search and in-context BI) but this release will also expand the distribution functionality that the customers have come to expect. See my blog post for more information on Infor’s umbrella next-generation software embracing “social” ERP concepts.

You can see how SX.e stacks up against other ERP solutions at the upcoming 2013 TEC Vendor Challenge – ERP for Distribution event in Montreal.
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