Vendor Snapshot: NetSuite at the TEC Vendor Challenge

NetSuite will be one of the participating vendors at the upcoming 2013 TEC Vendor Challenge – ERP for Distribution event in Montreal. Wholesale distribution is one of the oldest and largest verticals of focus for the cloud vendor, with customers numbering in the thousands. NetSuite was founded with the notion of providing customers with a single, integrated suite to run their entire business. It has met the needs of wholesale distributors to manage their relationships with customers (CRM), keep the books in order and effectively manage inventory (ERP), and provide new channels to sell (e-commerce).

The NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition provides the key functionality required by wholesale distributors, including customer relationship management (CRM), financials, inventory management, demand planning, etc. NetSuite’s focus on e-commerce is particularly relevant to this market right now, as a great majority of distributors have identified e-commerce as an area that they would like to invest in and add to their business, according to both NetSuite’s own market research and magazines such as Modern Distribution Management.

The wholesale distribution market is characterized by two specific groups: smaller distributors (typically with fewer than 50 employees) and larger distributors (more than 250 employees). NetSuite historically has served smaller distributors but as it moved up-market, sells to larger distributors as well. For example, NetSuite sells to and services divisions of larger distributors such as Grainger. Wholesale distribution is also a strong vertical for NetSuite outside North America, with larger customers such as P&G Philippines using NetSuite.
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