Vendor Snapshot: VAI at the TEC Vendor Challenge

The flagship product of VAI (Vormittag Associates Inc.) is the S2K Distribution Management Software suite, which includes the following: financial applications, customer orders, sales analysis/forecasting, inventory management, purchasing, electronic data interchange (EDI), warehouse management, and customer relationship management (CRM).

At the time of its founding in 1978, the company placed a heavy focus on the distribution market, to better serve the distributors in the New York area, where VAI is headquartered. Today, 45 percent of VAI's customers are distributors running the S2K Distribution package, and 50 percent are manufacturers/distributors, also running on S2K. Of VAI’s 150 employees, more than 130 are involved with distribution. English and Spanish are the software's supported languages.

VAI's target market are midsize distribution companies with $20 million in sales or more. The vendor’s customers are largely located in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. VAI has a five-year roadmap in place for its S2K Distribution software solution. The company will continue to invest heavily in the product, and expects to continue with 20 percent growth year over year.

You can see how S2K stacks up against other ERP solutions at the upcoming 2013 TEC Vendor Challenge – ERP for Distribution event in Montreal. For more information on VAI, see my blog series.
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