Version 12 of Maximizer CRM

maximizer.jpgMaximizer Software has launched a new version of its customer relationship management (CRM) solution, now offering various deployment options: on premises, public cloud, and private cloud. New additions ensure better usability, increased business productivity, improved mobile accessibility, and extended integration capabilities.

To the recently announced Maximizer CRM: HubSpot Connector, version 12 adds the following:

  • Enhanced quick search and prompt for values functions

  • Improved contextual menus that allow easy access to manipulating the information needed to complete a task

  • New user-defined key fields configuration and rule-based mandatory fields to support the process flow in sales, marketing, and service

  • Advancements in template security and e-mail personalization

In addition, the new release introduces new mobile functionality that targets mobile workers:

  • quick search options

  • easier access to previous entries

  • simplified address book entry

  • information pop-ups for appointments

The new release is obviously geared towards mobile workers who often need to handle large amounts of information rapidly via mobile devices. As Vivek Thomas, president of  Maximizer Software explains: "Maximizer CRM 12 Summer 2013 has improvements to mobile and tablet functionalities, allowing users to access a wider range of information in less time and with fewer clicks than before."
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