Virtustream Goes Live with SAP Enterprise Class Cloud-on-HANA

virtustream150.pngVirtustream, a provider of enterprise cloud solutions, recently announced that it has gone live with the first SAP Enterprise Class Cloud-on-HANA, which is now incorporated on Virtustream’s Enterprise Class Cloud infrastructure powered by its xStream cloud management software.

Virtustream’s addition of HANA to its already existing SAP support is significant in enabling users to deploy SAP HANA as a fully managed service and with no up-front hardware costs. It also means that customers can deploy SAP HANA for testing and development as well as for full production environments.

Rodney Rogers, chairman and chief executive officer of Virtustream, has this to say:

We are excited to announce Virtustream’s HANA Managed Service, for enterprises wanting to deploy this technology quickly, with no initial capex and in our secure, scalable cloud. We also look forward to helping enterprise customers realize the benefits of running their organization’s SAP applications in the cloud, delivering greater resource efficiency and infrastructure cost savings.

Virtustream is an SAP-certified cloud services and cloud hosting provider, allowing the company to deploy and offer support for the deployment of enterprise-type SAP applications in the cloud, and to host HANA in its SAP-certified data centers, connected to the Virtustream xStream SAP-certified cloud platform.

Don Whittington, chief information officer of Florida Crystals Corporation and Virtustream client, commented:
The performance of our production version ECC on the HANA Managed Service is astounding. Reports that ran in minutes are running in milliseconds. Programs that previously ran for hours are now finishing in a matter of minutes. This, combined with the cost effectiveness of the pay-what-you-use cloud environment and white glove service of a fully managed SAP environment, we now plan to move to HANA for all of our production environments in the Virtustream enterprise cloud.

This is in line with SAP’s unified vision for HANA in the cloud, reinforcing SAP's presence in the cloud by partnering with cloud innovators other than Amazon.
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