ViryaNet G4 Is Now a TEC Certified Field Service Management Solution

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is pleased to announce that ViryaNet G4 is now a field service management (FSM) certified solution, available for evaluation online in TEC’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Evaluation Centers.
ViryaNet G4 is a field service management role-based solution which covers the full spectrum of service management, from creating work to planning, scheduling, and dispatch, and execution in the field. Although ViryaNet G4 is a role-based solution, users can have multiple roles and benefit from various privileges at the same time (dispatch, system administrator, etc.).
To achieve TEC Certification, ViryaNet completed TEC’s detailed questionnaire (download sample FSM RFI template) and delivered a comprehensive product demonstration. During the demo, ViryaNet allowed me to view a large number of the ViryaNet G4 field service management features and functions.

ViryaNet G4 Dispatch Dashboard
, showing how a user can have multiple roles simultaneously
(click for larger image)
The design of ViryaNet G4 has been well considered by the ViryaNet team, who started their journey into mobile workforce management software development with a very clear understanding of the fact that service organizations tend to have many competing priorities which impact the overall performance of their business.
Regarding the FSM solution’s work order management capability, ViryNet G4 allows for the creation of work orders through the customer self-service portal/interface or the customer support module. The latter is connected to a telephony system within the call center which feeds data into the queues of different customer service representatives (CSRs) and helps populate the work order request with the correct customer information.
Work requests can be created under contracts and linked to warranties, service-level agreements (SLAs), etc. or they can stand alone. Additionally, the system allows companies to define work types to organize the requests that it receives from its customers. In so doing, the system can give an estimate of the required time and resources needed by each job type. In other words, thanks to this high configurability potential, the system has a native ability to match the right customer request with the right CSR based on the configuration rules that the service organization decides upon. So, for example, if a customer on the East Coast of the U.S. places a call it will be assigned to the call center that services that region and further to the representative who has the right knowledge, and so on.
Within the next few weeks, a detailed ViryaNet G4 certification report will be available for download on the TEC Certification Reports page. The report will provide a detailed overview of the product, with a focus on its main abilities to support companies that rely on FSM as part of their operations. The solution will be described following the structure of TEC’s FSM software research model. I advise you to pay particularly close attention to the description of the scheduler optimization engine, performance management, and mobile capabilities, as these functionality are differentiators for ViryaNet in the FSM arena.
Please stay tuned for the certification report. In the meantime, you can interactively review ViryaNet G4 FSM via TEC Advisor.
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