Vitatech Enhances Quality Control with QAD ERP Upgrade

Vitatech Nutritional Sciences Inc., a vitamin and supplement formulation company, recently implemented the new quality capabilities in QAD Enterprise Applications.
Operating in a highly regulated industry and with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, quality control is central to Vitatech’s manufacturing. Every step of the process needs to be monitored, recorded, and tested for quality compliance. The company’s former quality control system was paper-based and labor-intensive, with laboratories in several adjoining buildings, requiring all activities to be very carefully managed. The enhanced QAD quality control framework allows Vitatech, a longstanding user of QAD enterprise resource planning (ERP), to track and report on ingredients used in different lots, batches, and stages of its manufacturing processes.
The quality control discussed here is not related to CEBOS (which QAD acquired in 2013), but rather to "Item Data Attributes for Quality Control" and "Lot Trace Workbench" functionality to enhance the quality control framework in QAD’s ERP application. This functionality, a part of the current release QAD EA 2014 EE, is designed to support the vendor’s intent to integrate quality into business and operational processes.
QAD Enterprise Applications with quality control enhancements was implemented within six months, and the reported benefits for Vitatech include reduced paper usage, human error prevention, automated inbound material inspections, and many more. These enhancements enable detailed recording of quality attributes and traceability of materials throughout the supply chain from a single access point that supports backward and forward navigation through lot data. Vitatech’s ability to manage a product recall has been greatly improved using the new Lot Trace Workbench, as well as its ability to track, trace, and report quality results on additional material characteristics.
This new capability is all inside QAD Enterprise Applications at this point in time, but QAD is integrating CEBOS into the next phase of development. The goal is to integrate a wide range of quality management system (QMS) functionality, starting with quality control (as it has the highest value) and then moving across other key QMS functions in QAD Enterprise Applications.
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