Vitria Operational Intelligence 4 to Offer Real-time Analytics for Big Data

vitria150.pngVitria, a software provider of operational intelligence solutions recently released version 4 of its Operational Intelligence suite, which includes several enhancements of its existing capabilities but, more importantly, offers new capabilities for real-time analytics for big data, enabling the analysis of continuous flows of large amounts of data.

Some of the new features included in this new release are:

  • Advanced process Intelligence to monitor and analyze the outcomes of processess

  • New elastic scalability features for its Operational Intelligence Architecture, allowing organizations to scale the operational intelligence solution to meet increasing demands, whether on-premises or on-demand

  • Real-time analytics capabilities for big data, enabling users to correlate information using a wide variety of big data sources such as Hadoop or social media streams

Dr. JoMei Chang, CEO of Vitria, said,
Now faster and more flexible than ever, Vitria OI 4 provides the performance and scalability that telecommunications service providers, energy utilities, financial services firms, and agile enterprises need to turn Big Data into intelligent action,

As organizations' need for speed of processing increases, they are also forced to up their analysis capabilities for larger amounts of information in real time. Vitria addresses both speed and volume by applying real-time analysis  to big data sources, which could prove to be extremely useful for those companies.

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