VolunteerMark Helps Simplify Volunteer Process for Organizations and Individuals

VolunteerMark, maker of communication, scheduling, and reporting software tools for organizations dealing with volunteers, appeared in response to many parties’ difficulties related to managing volunteering efforts—for example, not-for-profit organizations that need to source and administer resources, private individuals interested in finding volunteering opportunities, and businesses interested in building corporate social responsibility programs. Many of us have perhaps faced the situation where we find a volunteering opportunity that interests us but have no direct way of knowing how to apply, track our application, coordinate with the right person on the first day of work, etc.

The VolunteerMark team collaborated with several not-for-profit organizations that, much like human resources departments, have to ensure that they find the best matching volunteers for available volunteering missions. These organizations have to understand their volunteers’ abilities and availabilities, schedule them accordingly, and manage absences. Ultimately, the goal with the creation of VolunteerMark was to help not-for-profits create a great volunteer experience that reduces the turnover rate of volunteers and efficiently generates strong reports for grant applications.

Consequently, the VolunteerMark solution focuses on communication, scheduling, and reporting—three important aspects for running a successful volunteer program. The team launched a volunteer-facing mobile version of its application for both iOS and Android where people can find the appropriate volunteer opportunity based on skills, interests, availability, and location. Organizations using VolunteerMark have cloud-based portals that they can log into and use to keep track of everything about their volunteer programs in one centralized system.

VolunteerMark screenshot

From a communication perspective, VolunteerMark understands that the younger generation is used to having instant responses (either via text or email, as the main preferred channels) and therefore it allows organizations to segment volunteer communications such that organizations can handle bulk communication. In addition, the solution is integrated with social media channels where volunteers can receive automatic reminders.

Scheduling allows organizations to classify volunteer opportunities in various categories: ongoing, one-time event, and recurring. The solution offers the option to organize work in shifts as well. Reports can be generated based on the data entered in the scheduling application for optimization and grant application purposes.

Headquarter in Kansas City, VolunteerMark was launched in the summer of 2013 and already has a few important customers like Ronald McDonald House Charities, and Habitat for Humanity. Thanks to VolunteerMark, organizations can save a lot of time and money on organization efforts and eliminate endless spreadsheet data entry. Volunteering program organizers are generally bogged down by inefficiencies due to a lack of a system of records. But with automation, not-for-profits can now focus more on building relationships with volunteers and offering less frustrating volunteer experiences.

VolunteerMark offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card number required. Paying clients are offered setup assistance and training, as well as free updates, typically released every three weeks.
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