W. Appliance Selects VAI S2K ERP

W. Appliance, an appliance and electronics company that represents the Westinghouse and other leading companies in the industry (e.g., Concepts101, which represents AT&T and sells phone and audio products, and Got Snacks, which sells food items specializing in snacks), has selected VAI S2K Enterprise software to automate and manage its entire order process. The company will also leverage S2K Analytics and S2K Enterprise Portal to gain insights into its customer and sales data, improve productivity, and deliver better customer service.
W. Appliance needed a fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that included accounting, distribution, and electronic data exchange (EDI) capabilities. In addition, the company wants to eliminate manual processes associated with building reports, analysis, and order entry, and it also wanted both its vendors and customers to interact with the company via an online portal.
The integrated suite, coupled with the reliability of IBM’s Power Systems platform (VAI being a premium IBM partner), made VAI’s S2K software a clear choice for W. Appliance. In addition, a staffer at W. Appliance had worked with the S2K software and the VAI team at a previous company, which was an important recommendation. W. Appliance will leverage the following S2K applications: Analytics, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Distribution Management, EDI Powered by S2K Integrator, Financial Management, and Portal.
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