WAP Forum Specifies RSA’s RC5 Encryption For Wireless

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WAP Forum Specifies RSA's RC5 Encryption For Wireless
P. Hayes - May 9, 2000

Event Summary

BEDFORD, Mass., On April 20 - RSA Security Inc. (NASDAQ:RSAS) announced that the WAP Forum has specified RSA Security's RC5 encryption algorithm for its WTLS (Wireless Transport Level Security) specification. At the April WAP Forum Developer's Symposium in Miami, Florida, the committee voted to include RSA Security's RC5 algorithm as an encryption technology for use in wireless clients and servers. RSA Security's RC5 algorithm is the only data encryption algorithm that is specified as "should be supported by all WTLS clients and servers" by the WAP Forum for WTLS environments.

Market Impact

RSA's RC5 encryption technology is critical to wireless transactional e-business security. RSA's RC5 will lend not only privacy, but also verified message integrity coupled with identification, or a 'fingerprint', much like a digital certificate. As the wireless community continues to grow at mind-boggling rates, security has become a key concern, not only in the eyes of users, but also to vendors and service carriers.

RSA has become the defacto standard in electronic security, and is just now making their presence felt in the wireless arena. The adoption of RC5 will accelerate the time to deliver e-business transactional wireless applications and give yet another 'shot in the arm' to the booming e-business sector.

User Recommendations

RSA's RC5 is indeed a welcome addition to Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS), the encryption, secure delivery and identification will give consumers relative peace of mind, while providing vendor's with the tools to increase security, image, functionality and therefore sales. We expect to see an estimated 1 Billion wireless Internet access users by the end of 2004, all of which will need, at some point, secure transmission; WTLS coupled with the RC5 encryption technology will be it.

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