What-if Scenarios for Analyst Firm Mergers and Acquisitions

Now that Gartner is acquiring AMR, we cannot help but wonder what will be the next acquisition or merger in the business software research field. There are not so many companies doing business software research and analysis, so the number of permutations is quite low. Let’s look at some of them and what the end result would be.

Gartner acquires Aberdeen and launches The Magic Axis (Magic Quadrant + Aberdeen Axis). If they decide to acquire Forrester, that would be the Magic Wave (Magic Quadrant + Forrester Wave). Aberdeen and Forrester will probably not merge or acquire one another because the Axis Wave simply doesn’t sound right.

To avoid any COMMfusion, ITI and ITTI could merge and form ITTTI. After US President Obama's visit to China, Maverick China Research and the Yankee Group might merge, forming the strongest analyst firm in the world, which will slowly acquire all competitors. 

And finally, firms like Big Picture, Creative Strategies, Objective Analysis, and Customer Incorporated are likely to be the next preys since almost every research firm needs to see more of the big picture, use some creative strategies and objective analysis, and incorporate customers (in other words, make profit!).
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