What’s the Big Deal with Big Data?



I won’t define big data here, but it’s clear for all the IT community to see that big data is the latest “big thing.” Just Google or Bing the term “big data” and you’ll get an idea of the amount of information and resources available (about 1,460,000,000 and 67,000,000 hits, respectively).

But in our continuous research and talks with both software vendors and customers, we receive varied input related to big data: as big as big data is, some organizations have prioritized their data management infrastructures over big data, and others haven’t considered deploying a big data initiative at all.

We decided to take our own picture of the big data market landscape, and we'd like some input from you—take our short big data survey. Our big data trends report, due out later this year, will address questions like: Who is using big data? Who are the providers? What exactly are they providing?
Who’s Using Big Data?

The data tsunami is here, and many organizations, especially those handling a steadily growing number of transactions, are now searching for new ways to crunch the data and transform it into information. New technologies such as Hadoop were developed to handle increasingly more, and more complex, data to meet the demands of important data and social media companies such as Facebook and Google. We are in a frantic “too much is not enough” era of data collection.

Companies are eager to consume information, but they recognize that they have to make sense of it for it to produce value and increase profit, as well as to increase quality, improve service, and boost customer experience. We want to know if your company is one of them. Who is using big data, in which industry, for what purpose, and to what extent? We want to know the challenges your organization is encountering in putting a big data initiative in place.

The Big Data Vendor Landscape

The big data space is being rapidly filled with offerings from big software companies such as Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft. But it’s also an open field for newcomers, from the powerful innovation machine called Cloudera to the radical approaches of NOSQL databases. Even traditional players in the analytics and business intelligence spaces are increasingly introducing features and functions to be able to interact and play with and analyze data coming from big data sources.

The spectrum of big data products and applications covers many aspects of the space: storage and collection, security, and, of course, the ability to analyze huge amounts of information that are being collected both manually and automatically.


We need and care about your feedback. If you are planning a big data strategy, or even if you don’t have one in place yet, please take a few minutes to complete our survey—your data will help us to bring this report to life. As a token of our appreciation, you’ll receive a complimentary report.

So, what do you think big data is? Let us know your definition in the comments below.
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