Windchill 10 Steps Up to the Plate

  • Written By: Phil Reney
  • Published: August 24 2011

Parametric Technology Corporation, aka PTC, has fearlessly put their product lifecycle management (PLM) solution Windchill 10 through the TEC certification program. The writing of the full report is currently underway. I wanted to give you this little teaser as to what you can expect from this new and improved version of this popular solution.

First, there is the functional eye candy: a revamped user interface. The browser for this Web-based solution gives you up-front access to your dashboard. From there, you have direct access to your main areas of activities, such as your assignments, workspaces, updates, checked-out work, and meetings. Each section is list-driven, and individual actionable items are viewed via a mix of tabs and sublists of functionalities and content.

The second notable improvement is the search engine. You can instigate a search at the right of your screen that lets you view contextual information to help you define your search criteria as you type. This newer version is more dynamic than its predecessor—it mixes criteria type and wildcard searches to generate more accurate searches. But the search results and additional search options are displayed on a slide-in pane, called Navigator .

Third, the administrator privileges have also been tweaked to allow for greater flexibility in data configuration, requiring less customization and subsequent maintenance. Drag-and-drop facilitates this operation. It is also possible to leverage visibility into workflow performance and activities without having system administrator privileges. Subsequently, by offering more distributed access across more individuals, it allows for a wider net of monitoring and troubleshooting.

Overall, the solution has tight operation while being flexible in its execution. Stay tuned to get the whole story in the upcoming report.

Till then, you can read more about Windchill 10 in the TEC vendor showcase and even start comparing it with other solutions right now.

This graph shows how Windchill stands up against its competitors on the main functionality modules for PLM.

 Comparative analysis Windchill
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