Wine Producer Selects Vistaar to Manage Distributor Pricing

The Terlato Wine Group has announced that it selected Vistaar Technologies’ pricing solution to optimize distributor price management throughout its organization. Founded in 1955, Terlato is a leading importer, marketer, and producer of luxury wines that are sold across the globe, representing more than 50 brands spanning the world's finest wine regions, varietals, and styles.

From what I understand, the company did a very thorough evaluation but there was really no competitive bake-off. Likely a quick search found that none of the other major pricing vendors has any live implementations in the alcohol beverage sector, and thus they were not seriously considered. Vistaar reportedly closed the deal based on demonstrating a pricing solution configured to specific industry needs, very good references from existing customers, and deep knowledge of the industry.

This is Vistaar’s fourth beverage alcohol deal closed in less than six months (see the news analysis on one recent deal), and there might be some more upcoming news releases. The vendor’s objective is to leverage its successes in other industries in order to expand within those industries, just as it did in beverage alcohol. In other words, Vistaar thinks that there are several other industries that have not been penetrated with solutions that fit  and that would be good targets for its own solution.
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