Wireless Mobile Portal by MobileID

  • Written By: P. Hayes
  • Published: April 27 2000

Wireless Mobile Portal by MobileID
P. Hayes - April 27th, 2000

Event Summary

LOS GATOS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MobileID, Inc., the world's first wireless mobile portal to provide access to e-mail and personalized Internet content to mobile phones and PDAs, launched their company and Internet site in January. Targeting the growing segment of mobile consumers and professionals, MobileID enables the wireless Internet by delivering truly personalized content and providing direct access to POP3 Email, straight from a user's mobile phone or other wireless handheld device.

Market Impact

MobileID.com allows any user with a web enabled Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Web Access Phone (WAP), or a Wireless Enabled Windows CE device access to personalized information, for free, at anytime or anyplace. MobileID provides free e-mail, personalized stock quotes, sports and news reports all configurable by the end user through a simple registration on MobileID's website.

As the history of the Internet has shown, Portals, sometimes referred to as "Jump Stations", have always been in the lead in terms of page views, page hits, and click throughs per minute (CPM), resulting in high advertising value revenue. MobileID is the first, polished, personalized wireless access delivery mechanism on the Internet and is sure to be a hit with mobile end users.

We expect the Wireless Marketplace to consist of greater than 700 Million web enabled users prior to the end of 2003 (Probability 80%). Given the size of the market and MobileID's offering, we believe they will be a success as long as they can keep their infrastructure reliable, scaleable, and stable.

All messages will be routed to the end user using the Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) as opposed to Short Messaging Services (SMS). The primary reason for selecting WAP over SMS is very simple, most wireless providers disable SMS unless requested by the user (usually for an additional charge). In addition to SMS carrier restrictions, SMS has been notoriously unreliable in message routing and delivery, resulting in messages being delayed by hours or perhaps days. Given the two major SMS drawbacks we believe MobileID has made the only logical choice by selecting WAP for its interface.

User Recommendations

If you are presently a wireless user (or will be in the near future) make sure to take a look at MobileID's wireless personalization Internet service for your specific type of wireless device. MobileID has produced a clean, easily navigable, user-friendly web site, which will allow users of all abilities to set up their MobileID personalized service quickly and easily, and its free too.

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