With Its Enterprise Data Services Suite, Pentaho Enters the “Big Data” Fray

The war in the “big data” space is getting even more interesting than it already was. Today Pentaho is announcing the availability of its Pentaho Enterprise Data Services Suite. The open source business intelligence (BI) company will be addressing the challenge of providing services to manage big data for analysis. Along with the general availability of Pentaho Data Integration 4.1 and Pentaho BI Suite 3.7, the software vendor will offer a product for data analysis, metadata, and cloud data services.

You can read the press release here.

Richard Daley, co-founder and CEO of Pentaho, has this to say:
This suite will change every preconceived notion you've ever had about complex data preparation. The capabilities of the Pentaho Enterprise Data Services Suite make Pentaho a more cost-effective alternative for the vast majority of cloud and data integration deployments. Organizations continue to flock to Pentaho because we can deploy enterprise-class data integration solutions much more quickly and for significantly less cost than old-school proprietary alternatives.

This will add more fuel to the fire in the already hot data warehouse and big data space. Please stay tuned for more information regarding BI and BPM.

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