WorkflowGen from Advantys Now TEC Certified for BPM Functionality

TEC is pleased to announce that WorkflowGen, Advantys' business process management (BPM) solution, has joined the ranks of TEC certified BPM systems.

You can see TEC's complete profile for WorkflowGen here.

For TEC certification, Advantys completed TEC’s detailed research questionnaire, and delivered the formal product demonstration I’d requested.
This demo gave me a first-hand look at the outstanding features of WorkflowGen’s application, and at how Advantys works to help organizations solving their process management projects. It also gave me insight into how WorkflowGen supported about a hundred features and functionality sets that I was particularly interested in taking a closer look at.

You'll soon be able to download my full report here on the TEC site (including strengths, weaknesses, and benchmarking analysis for each module), as well as valuable information on WorkflowGen’s functionality, including

  • process collaboration

  • form management

  • workflow portal

  • monitoring and management

  • process analytics

WorkflowGen BPM screencap

Right off the top, it's worth mentioning WorkflowGen’s ease of use and appealing interface. Versus its competitors, WorkflowGen distinguishes itself through its process modeling tool, its user- friendly workflow modeler, and its capabilities for process monitoring and management, as well as a set of process templates to ease process developing.

WorkflowGen’s architecture enables both technical and business users to rapidly start working with the application, and its administration module enables power users to easily configure and perform maintenance tasks. An interesting centralized search and monitoring tool enables users to easily identify and gather valuable information.

SOA-compliant and with a 100% .Net Web-based architecture, WorkflowGen is compliant with most major Web browsers, and provides single-sign-on authentication and multilanguage support.

Advantys has numerous customers across a variety of fields, and focuses it BPM knowledge on different industry areas, which enable the vendor to provide reliable services in more than 70 countries.

If you have particular questions, go ahead and leave me a comment below.

In the meantime, you can interactively review Advantys WorkflowGen via TEC Advisor.

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