Yahoo! Goes Mobile in Greece

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Yahoo! Goes Mobile in Greece
P. Hayes - August 18, 2000

Event Summary

ATHENS, Greece (Reuters) - Greece's OTE Telecoms(OTEr.AT) (OTEyq.L) said it signed a formal agreement with Yahoo! to provide its mobile phone and Internet customers access to Yahoo! services.

Market Impact

The agreement between the two companies became effective on August 1st 2000 and will provide Yahoo! Mobile services via WAP enabled phones to OTE's clients. The offering is available only in English, which may prove to be a major deterrent to a large percentage of OTE's clients. Initial wireless services will include the typical industry set of features, e-mail, stock quotes and news.

In addition to the wireless agreement, Yahoo! Will also provide OTE's ISP, OTEnet with a Yahoo! Branded component, which will be hosted on OTEnet's home page.

User Recommendations

While this announcement is not unique in and of itself, it does demonstrate the global proliferation of WAP use. We do not expect the offering will find much success with OTE's existing client base due to an international language barrier of sorts. If OTE takes the time and resources, in cooperation with Yahoo!, to provide either integrated translation software or an offering in Greek we believe the offering will find success.

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