Yammer Introduces the Enterprise Graph


During its first customer conference, YamJam'12, Yammer announced the Enterprise Graph—a new app directory and platform. The intended customers for this product are enterprise software vendors. Given the current social surge, software vendors are seeking to integrate social features into their products.

Yammer wishes to address this need by offering an enterprise platform that applies social concepts to business objects such as opportunities, documents, or records. Embedded feeds, follow and like buttons, and profiles or pages can be associated to any business object. In addition, the platform organizes third-party applications that were developed on the Yammer platform in an app directory.

The press release states that third-party applications have been "reviewed by Yammer to ensure they meet certain privacy and security criteria." However, there is no mention any type of certification that these apps must pass to be listed in the app directory.

Since Yammer considers the Enterprise Graph to be a Facebook for businesses, this invites the obvious question whether users will have the tendency to follow and like business objects in excess. This may be overkill for a business solution.
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