YouTube Founders Acquire Real-time BI vendor Tap11

If you still think business intelligence (BI) hasn’t yet hit the big time in IT industry terms, think again. On May 9, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, founders of YouTube (and now directing their new company AVOS), announced the acquisition of Tap11, a real-time BI platform.
Here’s what Hurley had to say in this regard:
Our vision is to create the world's best platform for users to save, share, and discover new content. With the acquisition of Tap11, we will be able to provide consumer and enterprise users with powerful tools to publish and analyze their links' impact in real-time.

With this acquisition, we are clearly seeing a trend toward BI applications being used in new areas beyond their traditional use in the executive world for analysis and decision making. Consumers are now using BI-related solutions to search, analyze, and explore data from many disparate types of sources (social media being the primary source).

Tap11 allows users to monitor, measure, and manage Twitter and Facebook conversations for such things as follow-up marketing campaigns and dashboard construction based on analysis results.

In tandem with Deloitte’s acquisition of Oco this week, we’re seeing examples of the fast pace at which the BI space is changing to provide users with alternative and innovative ways to manage and analyze information.

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