Zendesk Introduces New Version of Zendesk for Salesforce

zendesk.jpgZendesk has revealed new updates for its Salesforce-based product. Zendesk's goal is to achieve seamless integration between its own customer support application and Salesforce for enhanced customer experience.

Key features ensure that support and sales teams gain access to each other's data. Consequently, support teams can see a full Salesforce customer profile alongside a ticket, without having to leave Zendesk. Conversely, sales reps can view Zendesk tickets in Salesforce. A unique customer database hosted by Salesforce and accessible from either Zendesk or Salesforce will keep the data between sales and support  synchronized. Furthermore, users can view Zendesk data displayed in Salesforce reports. As the press release states, "We’ve built a pre-built reporting dashboard in Salesforce with built-in reports that slice and dice Zendesk ticket data through several Salesforce lenses."
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