Zettaset and Simba Streamline Hadoop and Analytics Interoperability

Zettaset and Simba have announced a strategic technology partnership to provide enterprise class security for the deployment of combined analytics and Hadoop platforms and streamlined interoperability for the Hadoop and analytics ecosystem.

Zettaset, a provider of Hadoop-based big data management applications, and Simba, an important standards-based data connector provider, have recently signed a partnership to tighten their relationship and enable improved access and security to big data sources in Hadoop. Users working on the Zettaset Orchestrator management application running on Cloudera or Hortonworks can directly access big data sources using their analytics and business intelligence (BI) applications.

The partnership will also ensure compatibility between Hadoop/Hive data sources and their BI and analytics counterparts, while enabling secure deployments and installs of Cloudera and Hortonworks distributions.

Simba Technologies CEO Amyn Rajan said, “Simba solutions provide ‘The On Ramp to Big Data’.”
Jim Vogt, CEO of Zettaset, stated:

Zettaset continues to lead the Big Data security initiative for organizations that are mining Hadoop for business intelligence with this inclusion of Simba’s enterprise class ODBC and JDBC drivers in our Orchestrator management application. Now Cloudera and Hortonworks customers can use Orchestrator to automate connectivity and ensure compatibility between their Hadoop clusters and upstream analytics applications, as well as fortify security and automate routine management.

The agreement between these two companies can potentially bring significant improvements to the way Hadoop, through its ecosystem, is being assimilated into businesses. The increased business-ready capabilities require less IT effort and administration, easing maintenance and lowering costs.
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