iCIMS Announces Google+ Social Applications in Version 12.2

icims.jpgSoftware-as-a-service (SaaS) talent acquisition software provider iCIMS launches a new version of its Talent Paltform. Release 12.2 includes a new recruitment CRM application—Connect—along with enhanced Social Apply capabilities and new resume-parsing capabilities.

Social recruiting is one aspect that version 12.2 aims to improve as candidates can now apply for jobs using their Google+ account. Past versions allowed candidates to apply only via Facebook and LinkedIn. Also, candidates that use LinkedIn to apply for jobs can benefit from linking an additional social media account, such as Google+ or Facebook, to present their experience or education.

From a recruiter's perspective, the recruitment process was enhanced with the ability to search candidates, view profiles, filter results, and link a candidate’s LinkedIn profile alongside the iCIMS’ platform. Moreover, iCIMS’ resume-parsing application will gather and display education, skills, and work history information from classical resumes, advancing the previously available capability that gathered only key contact details.

According to Paul Melici, chief technology officer, iCIMS Talent Paltform 12.2 mirrors the habits of an emerging new generation of job seekers who encourage businesses to rethink sourcing, recruiting, and hiring methodologies.
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